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Question #538

What URL sells an electric adjustable height desk with height presets and with minimum height less than or equal to 23 inches?

The desk must also: (1) have a lifting capacity of at least 150 pounds; (2) be available for purchase for less than $1,000; (3) have a maximum height of at least 40 inches; (4) have a surface area with width between 24 inches and 42 inches, and depth between 18 inches and 36 inches; (5) be new; and (6) come with at least a 1 year warranty on the motor from the manufacturer. The desk must have at least two user-settable height presets.

The Conset 501-27 ( is an example of a desk that does not have user-settable height presets, but that otherwise meets all of the relevant criteria.

There is currently no money behind this question.
(In the past, a total of $20.00 has been offered as a bounty for the answer to this question.)

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