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Question #571

What document in the public domain before 2014-07-01 describes a knowledge exchange with all of the important features of Kn-X?

The document must describe an exchange with the following "important features": all transactions are monetary; all participants are anonymous; users can pose any question, without curation; answers are visible only to people who have paid for them; answerers make (lose) money if they turn out to be correct (incorrect); overall, answerers make money; and the exchange takes a cut of each transaction.

If the description of this exchange is not the main thrust of the document, your answer must indicate the pages within the document containing the description.

Your answer must include proof that the document was in the public domain before 2014-07-01. The document may be any written material.

The document must be written in English. If you find a document meeting the above criteria in a different language, please pose and answer a related question.

Your answer can be a link to such a document or an electronic copy of document itself. If you provide a link, the document must be immediately accessible from that link without registration, and without paying for the document.

If you know of a document that satisfies most but not all of the above criteria, please pose and answer a related question.

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