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Question #583

What United States city will be the first to experience a severe attack by ISIS in 2016?


The attack must be claimed by ISIS. Any attacks "inspired by" ISIS but not claimed by ISIS will not be considered.

A "severe" attack will be considered to be one with twenty or more fatalities. Any attack with fewer than twenty fatalities will not be considered, even if damage is otherwise significant.

For the purpose of this question, a "United States city" is a city within the continental United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and any cities offshore.

The answer to this question must be the name of a city and its state. Although it is certainly possible that no United States city will experience such an attack, "None" is not an acceptable answer to this question. If no United States city experiences such an attack in 2016, all provided answers will be considered to be incorrect.

The purpose of this question is anticipatory. The answer to this question must be provided before the attack occurs. Any answer provided during or after the attack will be considered to be incorrect.

There is currently no money behind this question.
(In the past, a total of $400.00 has been offered as a bounty for the answer to this question.)

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